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    Shit Happens


    Nice picture of Dave's ride (have you spotted the o-so-cool decal in the middle of the frontscreen that says: 'Masturbating is not a crime'. A whole lot of wisdom in one phrase).
    Picture was taken when the freshly detailled 914-alloys where fitted back on. It's been a while since we've seen that ride because it suffered from a loose balljoint which caused a lot of damage. Shit just sometimes happens.

       posted by Wim at 10:49 am
       Tuesday, September 27, 2005 1 comments



    Updated photo of Jelle's ride. Do u see what I see?
    Jelle's ride now sport the coolest decal ever. Is he now an official DVF-member? Well, actually we're all just a bunch of good friends that come together every month and have a good time. Every-one with a passion for aircooled-VW's is welcome to have a good time with us, regardless their car's style. Just enjoy the DVF-ride...

       posted by Wim at 10:36 am 0 comments



    Nice picture of Timme taking the Mc-Stairs-posse in front of his Rodded Twingo (Twingo will get white-walls, small lowering-job and a whole bunch of pinstripes in the near-future) right before he left to Sweden. Jelle and Timme are heading for Sweden this evening for some VW-shopping.
    Watch this space for more news of their trip. Another Neukebeute is coming...

       posted by Wim at 10:25 am 0 comments

    Things to do...


    And that would be the thing to do with the perfectly detailled stroker pumped in the perfect Looker: put the pedal to the metal. If only...
    Picture taken from http://www.speedshots.net/.

       posted by Wim at 10:16 am
       Monday, September 26, 2005 0 comments

    Perfect Looker


    And that would be the ride the stroker-engine get pumped in. I do have a week spot for those white Looker. This one looks perfect to me...

       posted by Wim at 10:13 am 0 comments

    How to...


    build yourself a super clean and detailled stroker?
    Well just look at this example, it's Troy Palmers detailled 2110cc stroker with all the right bits.

       posted by Wim at 10:08 am 0 comments



    I would like to thank my buddy Nicolas for the help he gave me all day long.
    Thanks Messie...

       posted by Wim at 1:43 am
       Sunday, September 25, 2005 1 comments

    Working Class


    Nicolas bus (still a working class) came in handy to get rid of the old garage.

       posted by Wim at 1:42 am 0 comments



    By yesterday evening, things have changed a little bit. Gone is the wooden garage, so no place to work anymore for now. But things are bound to get better. A new and bigger garage will be build there in a few weeks.

       posted by Wim at 1:41 am 0 comments



    Yesterday morning my garden looked like that. A wooden aircooled workingplace...

       posted by Wim at 1:38 am 0 comments

    Rust In Peace


    Somewhere in our neighbourhood. An old bug waiting to fall apart. This beetle has been standing there for ages, but the owner wouldn't let it go (in the time it was still possible to give it a second life). Too bad...

       posted by Wim at 1:37 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 22


    Ghent by night...

       posted by Wim at 11:08 am
       Wednesday, September 21, 2005 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 21


    Tim's ride...

       posted by Wim at 11:07 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 20


    Hope we find the way...

       posted by Wim at 11:07 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 19


    And another one...

       posted by Wim at 11:06 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 18


    Just a very nice shot...

       posted by Wim at 11:06 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 17


    Ghent here we come.

       posted by Wim at 11:05 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 16


    Bugs in town.

       posted by Wim at 11:05 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 15


    Nice logo for X-Town Traffic developed by our artistic talented Tim. Thanks to The Players for the picture.

       posted by Wim at 11:04 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 14


    In my opinion, this is still the best looking early bay.

       posted by Wim at 11:02 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 13


    Old and new on low Audi. This guy redrilled the rims to get them to fit instead of redrilling the drums and disks. Why do it the hard way if you can do it the easy way?

       posted by Wim at 11:01 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 12


    O, yes almost forgot it. This guy celebrated his birthday on our cruisenight.

       posted by Wim at 11:00 am 1 comments

    X-Town Traffic 11


    Nice shot of Nicolas' ride. BTW thanks to Seba for the pictures.

       posted by Wim at 10:58 am 1 comments

    X-Town Traffic 10


    But hey who's that funny looking man? I have too admid that pink looks good on him.

       posted by Wim at 10:57 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 9


    We looked and saw that it was good (regarding the shitty weather).

       posted by Wim at 10:57 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 8


    The Players Busclub (http://theplayers.skynetblogs.be) were on our X-Town Traffic too. Nice guys I have to admid. It was shure nice to meet them.

       posted by Wim at 10:56 am 1 comments

    Project 4 Sale


    This 69 Karmann is Jelle's newest project but it's already up 4 sale. If you're interested just let me know and I'll give you all the wanted info.

       posted by Wim at 12:21 pm
       Monday, September 19, 2005 0 comments

    Radikalbugz 11


    Believe me when I say that those Pinstripes are very well done.

       posted by Wim at 12:12 pm 0 comments

    Radikalbugz 10


    Rear end of The HotRod Bus. Those pinstripes look really good against the black paint.

       posted by Wim at 12:11 pm 0 comments

    Radikalbugz 9


    This HotRod inspired Splitty also showed up at the Radikalbugz-meeting. This bus is superstraight and looks very good in Flatblack. (Picture taken at the meeting in Zottegem).

       posted by Wim at 12:10 pm 0 comments

    Radikalbugz 8


    But I really would like to own a perfect Looker like this one.

       posted by Wim at 12:07 pm 0 comments

    Radikalbugz 7


    I'm getting more and more into Type Threes. Who can blame me when you look at this nice Ride?

       posted by Wim at 12:06 pm 0 comments

    Radikalbugz 6


    Icebox white on Callooker. Perfect colorchoice.

       posted by Wim at 12:05 pm 0 comments

    Radikalbugz 5


    Finished result looks very good.

       posted by Wim at 12:04 pm 0 comments

    Radikalbugz 4


    This Radikal Bug (without Turbo'ed engine) was stripped at the meet by El Cheapo (if I'm not mistaking). Pinstriping was too a very high standard.

       posted by Wim at 12:03 pm 0 comments

    Radikalbugz 3


    This Fasty did it for me. Lots of patina and whitewalls. Period spotlights look cool too.

       posted by Wim at 12:01 pm 0 comments

    Radikalbugz 2


    Another cool Notch on Moondisks. Ride looked just right.

       posted by Wim at 12:00 pm 0 comments

    Radikalbugz 1


    Second meeting of The Radikalbugz was nice but not as good as I suspected it to be. The First edition was better in my opinion, maybe it had something to do with the watercooled VW-boys that joined in on the second edition. Atmosphere wasn't that laid back.
    None the less, some cool Aircooled rides turned up including this rat Notch with loaded roofrack. Who's the guy looking at all that stuff? Is he trying to take some of it home?

       posted by Wim at 11:59 am 0 comments



    Must be a coincidence. When I kruised to the first meeting of The Radikalbugz, my ride passed the 69000km. Yesterday I went down to the second meet of The Radikalz and I crossed the 70000km mark with my ride. The way the engine runs, I think it's ready for at least another 70000.

       posted by Wim at 11:55 am 1 comments

    X-Town Traffic 8


    Just Kruising or blasting down the road. Who's the quickest: 1776 LBH-engine in bug or 2l Wim-build-engine in Doka?

       posted by Wim at 2:32 am
       Sunday, September 18, 2005 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 7


    Just some nightkruising...

       posted by Wim at 2:30 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 6


    Filip is converting his Resto Cal into a real Callooker with great efect. Way to Go.

       posted by Wim at 10:57 am
       Friday, September 16, 2005 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 5


    Pascal's Notch made it thru the rain...This ride is still awesome with its 2165cc engine.

       posted by Wim at 10:55 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 4


    Final destination...Mc Do in Ghent.

       posted by Wim at 10:55 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 3


    Just waiting for all the lost ones....

       posted by Wim at 10:54 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 2


    Ghent by night loaded with VW's (and a few old audi's).

       posted by Wim at 10:53 am 0 comments

    X-Town Traffic 1


    Yesterday evening we organised the first edition of our cruisenight called 'X-Town Traffic'. The bad wether caused some VW-drivers a headacke, so only 20 cars showed up (which isn't that bad regarding the weather). Atmosphere was great and we met some new people with the same interest for the Aircooled VW. So thru this way we would like to thank everyone for showing up and see u all back on the next 'X-Town Traffic'. Greetz.

       posted by Wim at 10:52 am 0 comments

    The Bible


    If you're into the California Look, you're insparation must have come from this great book written by Keith Sueme. Some even call it 'The Bible' (including me). It features all you need to know about Callook from the beginning, which cars set the look, which people were the founders and the clubs and the cars today. Too bad the book isn't available anymore and I heard it won't be published again. Lucky me, I have a copy of it and a read it ten times before and I'm reading it again with a lot of pleasure. If you find a used copy, just buy it, you won't regret it.

       posted by Wim at 11:10 am
       Wednesday, September 14, 2005 2 comments



    We're almost reaching the magic border of 10000 visitors. We would like to thank everyone for the visits and just keep on visiting us.
    And there's of course the usual present in the form of a delicious Mojito freshly made by Mr Cocktail himself for the 10000th visitor.
    Don't forget to join in on X-Town Traffic on thursday. C U all there.

       posted by Wim at 11:42 am
       Saturday, September 10, 2005 1 comments

    X-Town Traffic


    As we (DVF) think that our ridez are made for driving, we're organising a cruise night through the beautifull town of our beloved city Ghent. It's the first edition and is some kind of try-out. Everyone with a (air)cool ride is welcome. X-Town Traffic will take place on thursday 15th of septembre (which is next week). We Park at 7 and Ride at 8. The gatherplace is the Parc & Ride of Ghentbrugge (E17 exit Ghentbrugge). The cruise goes through the center of Ghent for a trip of 15 km and will take about 1hour. The cruise ends at the Mc Do (not the Waterloo-one) for a quick junk-food dinner. This event isn't aircooled only and a Ghent Hot-Rod-Club 'The Roadmasters' is already invited for this event.
    So that's about it and be there.

       posted by Wim at 11:34 am
       Wednesday, September 07, 2005 0 comments


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