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    Ex-Randy Gates as seen on VolksWorld Show


    This is ex-Randy Gates bug as featured at the VolksWorld Show last weekend in Esher. I allready read the feature of this awesome ride but seeing it in the flesh was something else.
    I was impressed by the overall finish of this superb ride with a mixture of Cal Look and High-Tech. A very subtle but effective mix.
    Interior is as good or even better than factory fresh with some nice tricks to finish it off. Just admire it for yourself.

    Detail on engine bay is perfect as well. Have you noticed the huge throttle bodies to which are bolted some massive veolcity stacks. This engine spells out 'Horsepower'.
    Some miight like it other won't but to me, this ride is better than perfect. Wonder what the price stamp was when it changed hands...

       posted by Wim at 11:22 am
       Wednesday, March 28, 2007 1 comments

    VolksWorld Show 2007


    Jelle, Sam, Danny and I got out to esher yesterday to visit the VoWo Show 2007.

    I was a long day but shure worth it.
    When was the last time you saw a 1303 you shure would love to have? To be honest, this happened to me yesterday, just an awesome 03 with the right looks, wheels, interior...
    Ex-Randy Gates full-on superdetailled looker was on display as well (later some more shots of this one).
    Ex-Der Kleiner Panzer Cal Look ride on display (now residing in England).
    Superb VolksWorld feature oval as seen at teh show...
    Perfect 67, inspiration for Messie...

    T3D newly finished slammed Square...

    And even a lot more nice ones on display. i'll post some more next week so stay tuned...

       posted by Wim at 2:09 am
       Sunday, March 25, 2007 0 comments

    Same Concept


    Same concept, same make, different era.
    Only twelve years seperated between the production of these two VW's.
    I prefer the older one, but would fancy the 77 Derby as a daily driver. Some Gasburners, a wack in the ride height and you've got a killer ride.
    I love the simplicity the Derby got when produced... If you have the chance to check it out, you should check the late Bug seats featured in the Derby.

       posted by Wim at 1:04 pm
       Friday, March 23, 2007 0 comments

    Resto Cal and Project...


    Herr Gunter is in the works lately.

    To make his ride a Resto Cal in its purest form, he ditched the (ugly) wide 5 Fuchs replica's in favor of a set-on set of polished Empi 5 Spoke replicas. I must admid that these set of wheels really suits the theme. Good job Herr Gunter, but what's the deal with those ugly centercaps. Where did you find these? I know some nicer once available...

    And if this still ain't enough, Herr Gunter started the serious works on his Karmann Ghia.

    This is how it all started several months ago...

    and the shot belows shows how things are looking these days. The body has been separated from the pan. looks like the end of this project is getting near...

    Keep up the good work Herr Gunter...

       posted by Wim at 11:53 am
       Monday, March 19, 2007 1 comments

    DVF at Ninove 2007


    All these DVF pictures are taken from somewhere on the internet. Thanks to the people who took the pictures!

       posted by Messie at 10:20 am
       Sunday, March 18, 2007 0 comments

    Ninoof's greatest Type 1's


    And why not start with the most beautifull one of the show: this perfect 50'ies Bug built like back in the days when horsepower was king...
    Early bird on High Tech 17 inch Radars. Suit the theme very well...

    Simple and perfect. I just love the beige hues on a Looker...
    Above and below the magical duo from the Flat Liners...

    Very fine 1300 on BRM's. Would suite my needs as a daily driver...

    Hard looking black looker. Not shure about the red rollcage thou...

    Fielieps good looking Bug...

    Super nice late looker on full-on detailed pedrini's. Damn, me liky...

    Late one on Sprint Stars with dual quiet pack...

    Late one on Baby Gas Burners. Wheels were painted grey to differ from stock black...

       posted by Wim at 11:30 am
       Monday, March 12, 2007 1 comments

    Ninove, the perfect season's opener


       posted by Messie at 1:11 pm
       Sunday, March 11, 2007 0 comments

    Top 10 for DVF at Ninove


    Here's Kevin, very proud indeed with his well deserved Top 10 award!!!
    And here my daughter Marilou, sitting on Kevins Top 10 award winning Porsche.

       posted by Messie at 11:49 am 0 comments

    While everyone is getting ready...


    for the seasonsopener in Ninoof, we are getting on with the organisation of the 4th edition of the Bugtour.
    The trip will take you thru Het Vlaamsche Land for a relaxing trip with food and pleasure. So if you fancy a full day of fun behind the steeringwheel of your VW, join in.
    You'll find more info about the Bugtour on the link on the right or click this word...
    N don't forget to admire Dr Jeckills' handywork on the flyer. Nice job Timme...

       posted by Wim at 11:58 am
       Friday, March 09, 2007 0 comments

    Gettin' Ready...


    for the Freddy Files this weekend in the city of Ninoof, the opener for the upcoming meeting season...
    See you all there...

       posted by Wim at 11:51 am 0 comments



    When will we all see this again?
    Could it be at the first European Bug-In? I shure hope so...

       posted by Wim at 9:29 am
       Wednesday, March 07, 2007 0 comments

    Ninove: The bus chapter


    Get that winterdust off of your cars!!! This sunday we all go to Ninove...

       posted by Messie at 11:26 am
       Monday, March 05, 2007 0 comments

    Road testing


    Tomorrow the Belgian bicycle season takes a start. Our bumpy roads in the country will become very popular again.
    Are the T2D also going to use these roads next week? It would be cool to support their road trip to Ninove.

       posted by Messie at 10:42 am
       Friday, March 02, 2007 0 comments


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