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    Sneaker Pimp


    While Turtle is browsing the net in search of some one-off sneaker for his fadget-sneaker-collection (click on picture), somewhere else someone is building a new powerplant for his beloved 59.
    The plan is to pep up the little 30-horse powerplant a little, so the heads have lost some and 33mm valves will find their place in there somewhere, NOS FRAM-filter will be installed, breathing will be handled by a Riechert kit and the NOS Okrasa cam (still on its way) will be dropped in the case...
    This package should be good for a small increase in power...

       posted by Wim at 9:43 am
       Tuesday, January 30, 2007 0 comments

    Ninove 2007


       posted by Messie at 12:34 pm
       Monday, January 29, 2007 0 comments

    DVF at Ninove 2006


    Two DVF Type III's. Guillermo's notch next to Eddy's Type 34. They sure have nice asses... those cars.

       posted by Messie at 12:19 pm 0 comments

    DVF at Ninove 2005


       posted by Messie at 12:11 pm 0 comments

    DVF at Ninove 2004


    Jelle's 67 13sec sprinter. In 2004 more a replica of the SSBox, now it has the colour scheme of the Stutt Bee.

       posted by Messie at 11:41 am 0 comments

    DVF at Ninove 2003


    Pascal's notch, back than in metallic green, now champagne. He bought it from Koen 'Geko Tuning' and later sold it to Steven 'Steve's VW Shop'.

       posted by Messie at 11:08 am 0 comments



    The Cal Look Lounge is a very nice place to stay updated on the things going in the European Aircooled VW scene. You can get to know some people, see new projects in the works or just chat about the things that are goin on...

    The forum has almost 600 members so a lot is going on there.

    Another advantage is the fact that you can find pictures of some very nice Lookers.

    One that caught my attention is this french 67 hardcore Looker sporting everything to make is awesome: dechromed, t-bars, spun ally wheels, ...

    Just check the straight panels, something very hard to get right on a black ride, but this one is just perfect...

    Me Liky...

       posted by Wim at 9:15 am
       Saturday, January 27, 2007 0 comments



    Another DVF-blog popped out lately.
    The blog has been set up by Kevin.
    As you can see, he's an avid fan of the old Porsches but also fancies good old VW iron as he alos own a pretty solid Oval.
    This shot shows Kevin's madam on the hood of his 356...
    If you're curious, you'll find the Pa-TEEN-uh links on the right together with Dr Jeckill and Low Fast Bu' blog...

       posted by Wim at 11:34 am
       Thursday, January 25, 2007 0 comments

    Back in the days...


    when Messies head was still crowed (boy, I almost forgot that he's allready very old), he used to drive this pale blue bug equipped with adjustable frontbeam and a set of sprinstars.
    Some years ago, we tugged this bug into piece because the rot was getting everywhere and a rebuild wouldn't have been possible anymore.
    Ever since that day, Messie was dreaming about rebuilding a bug in just the same way as his first daily driver.
    Some time ago, a perfect base came up for grabs, but unfortunatly for the Preacher, the bug was sold before he was able to lays his hands on it (and blessed the bug)...
    So if anyone knows about a plae blue 1300 for sale, just let Messie know...

       posted by Wim at 8:43 am
       Wednesday, January 24, 2007 1 comments

    Das Drag Day One Quiz


    Who's racing who in this picture? Ok, the picture is of poor quality but it was taken 'way back' in 2003.

       posted by Messie at 12:29 pm
       Tuesday, January 23, 2007 3 comments



    I just spotted the link to Andreas Reinhold's photo blog on another blog. The pictures are truly awesome and this guy is reallt talented.
    In the world of the aircooled VW Andreas is also known as Andi aka The Rookie and is a member of Garmanies leading Cal Look Club DFL. He rides a very fine Old School 64 Javagreen bug running an Enkei wheels.
    Below you'll find some more of his artwork...Big ups to Andreas.

       posted by Wim at 11:17 am
       Sunday, January 21, 2007 0 comments

    Apéro at Dave and Daniel


    Today Daniel (papa David) and Dave invited us for an apéro at their workplace. Daniel had the place reorganised, so this was a good reason for a nice little DVF meeting.

    Three different generations in front of the garage. Daniel's latest acquisition. An Italian 1303 cabrio.
    Dimi's zwitter sleeping next to Fiele's Gemini bug.
    Hey Wimme, wouldn't this be a beautifull future GAS bus!

    Ok not VW but beautifull enough to post. In the front Daniel's MGT and behind Dave's MGB.

       posted by Messie at 12:54 pm
       Saturday, January 20, 2007 0 comments

    Another 67


    It was time to publish another very fine example of a Cal Look 67.
    This one is an american spec 67 with upright headlamps, dechromed body and running on Centerlines.
    It does the trick for me, Cal Look Galore...

       posted by Wim at 12:11 pm 0 comments



    There should be more Cal Lookers around like this one .
    It features all the things to make it perfect: wicked stance, no trim, cool set of wheels, hot engine.
    All the ingredients to make a fast run down the 1/4 mile and give it that vintage gasser look.
    You just got to love that simple no-nonsense in-your-face look of this awesome oval.

       posted by Wim at 8:49 am
       Friday, January 19, 2007 0 comments



    That's the look my '67 must have for the EBI!!! I think anyone will agree.

       posted by Messie at 12:49 pm
       Thursday, January 18, 2007 1 comments

    Back On The Road???


    It's been a while since we've seen this nice DVF-ride on the streets.
    This very nice original 1300 is Dave's bug but due a breakdown some time ago, this ride has been parked in his garage.
    I must admid that it took some persuasion to convince Dave to keep the small front tires and the raked stance of his bug, but we (Messie and I) pulled on the longest side of the stalk...Sometimes bad things do happen and that's exactly what happened to Dave's ride...
    A balljoint decided to break and caused some severe damage to the perfect ride.
    This shot shows the damage done. Innerwing is haevely bended, as well as the wing and door.
    I hope to see this 1300 back on the roads in its former glory.

       posted by Wim at 6:58 am
       Wednesday, January 17, 2007 1 comments

    Goin' 17


    First time I saw 17 inch Radars on a Belgian ride. The quality of the rims seems to be faultless.
    I must admi that they certainly look good on this Resto Cal Oval...
    Me liky...

       posted by Wim at 10:03 am
       Tuesday, January 16, 2007 0 comments

    Ruff Ride


    Messie allready showed you some pictures of fine ride that showed up at Affligem yesterday.
    Another ride that caught my attention is Peeke's (aka Ruff on Cal Look Lounge No) 64 ruff ride.
    Car runs on Empi's and has just the right stance.
    But that wasn't the only thing that got my attention: the 1.7 type powerplant running on a home-made EFI did it for me. Needles to say the engine ran very smooth alltough Peeke is still fine tuning the package.
    It was nice talking to some people that aren't quite main-stream when it comes to feeding their aircooled powerplant. Nice to meet you Peeke...

       posted by Wim at 12:36 pm
       Monday, January 15, 2007 0 comments

    Affligem pictures Part one


    The second edition of the BKC Affligem meeting was a succes!!! Some very beautyfull and well known cars turned up. Here's a little selection of the finest cars!

       posted by Messie at 1:04 pm
       Sunday, January 14, 2007 0 comments

    Super Sano


    Another very super detailled ride is this oval built by Darren Dilley of Canada.
    The ride is based on a 55 Ragtop and is finished to a very high standard. A few high-tech features were also trown in during the built up.
    This Ragtop is powered by a very healthy 2332 cc unit breathing thru a pair of Geers-modified 51.5 IDA's.
    In this picture the Oval sits on Erco 'Star Cutout' rims with M&H slicks for trackuse while Flat 4 Enkeis are used for streetuse.
    A very nice car indeed with a subtle mixture of Old School, Hi-Tech and Custom cars makes this ride awesome.
    For a full feature of this '55, check out the Januari 2007 issue of Ultra VW at your local newspaperstand...

       posted by Wim at 4:53 am
       Friday, January 12, 2007 0 comments



    Some of you might allready heart about ACDRM.com (I allready commited a post to it) which stands for Air Cooled Drag Racing Magazine.
    The site has seen an update for the new 2007 season and ables you to follow different VW drag race series across the globe.

    Each month the site features a car of the month and spotlights a driver from time to time.

    So if you're into the fast side of aircooled VW's you'd ought to visit it...

    This months feature car of the month is Andrew Foldhazi' 62 bug.
    Andrew bought this car when he was 15 as a daily driver and soon started racing this bug at the age of 16. The car was then powered by a 1915 NOS-injected powerplant which got him a best time of 11.17 on NOS.

    Since then, the car evolved a lot and is now propelled by a healthy 2165 turbo'd powerplant, features a full-on rollcage on a highly modified '67 pan.

    Well, I'm not going to tell all the nasty details about this Super Streeter but if you want more just check it out here...

       posted by Wim at 11:33 am
       Thursday, January 11, 2007 0 comments

    December 14th: BKC Affligem Indoor Meeting


    This sunday the BKC (Belgische Keverclub) organises an indoor meeting in Affligem. Just like last year DVF will be there.

       posted by Messie at 12:15 pm
       Wednesday, January 10, 2007 0 comments

    The Shinin'


    Today, the works on the Westfalia Fat Chick got started.First on the agenda was to get the engine running smoothly, so the balancepipe between 2 carbs was replaced because a leak was noticed. The ignition-timing was set at point, olie n filter were replaced and things sounded a lot better. Now the engine has lost its flat spot and iddles perfectly.
    Second thing that needed attention was the fadded paint. So with the help of a healthy dose of elbowgrease, a good polish and some patience, the paint has got her shining back.
    Boy is this a healthy Fat Chick or what...

       posted by Wim at 10:52 am
       Tuesday, January 09, 2007 0 comments

    Stoll Coupé


    Here' s a little story about the famous Stoll Coupé. In 1992 the Belgian Binocle club, a stricktly vintage VW club, celebrated their 15th anniversary with a vintage meeting at Herderen, Belgium. Back than the Stoll coupé was just restored and owned by the famous Bob Shaill. The DVF club didn't exist yet but some DVF members had a little vw club in the centre of Ghent named 't Galgenhuisje. Our DVF vintage freak Dimi had met Bob at a meeting in England and there they decided to meet at the 'galgenhuisje' in Ghent to drive together to Herderen. And I was there too and took some pictures : )

    Somewhere in between our trip we had to stop due to some problems with Dimi's zwitter but Mr Bob Shaill fixed the problem.

    Here's a shot of the meeting. I remember there were a lot of splits and ovals. Just like Bad Camberg the meeting was held on a dull footballfield. Ok, the meeting wasn't as big as BC but now and than Bob Shaill uses some pictures of the Herderen meeting in his VolksWorld column 'Kdf Observer'. Some years later Bob sold his Stoll to the Wolfsburg Museum.

       posted by Messie at 10:49 am 2 comments

    How 2...


    detail the set of Pedrini's I have laying around for my future daily driver.
    I'm still in doubt and would like to know your advice.
    The fat border and ribs completly polished as above

    or the small border, ribs and center squares polished. One rims, two different outcomes...

    Give me your opinion...

       posted by Wim at 9:39 am
       Monday, January 08, 2007 3 comments


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