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    666 X-Town Traffic


    Next week, we organise another X-Town Traffic around homebase Ghent.
    Be there and don't forget to bring the mask...

       posted by Wim at 9:42 am
       Tuesday, May 30, 2006 0 comments



    If you're interested in a poster of the Bugtour in format 70x45 in high quality, just let me know.
    They are up for grabs at 10 euro a piece. Just order one today and make your livingroom a little nicer...

       posted by Wim at 11:12 am
       Monday, May 29, 2006 0 comments

    Nice PV


    How cool is this early type 3 Panelvan build by the boys at T3D? Rolling on zero offset erco's, low stance and heaps of power.
    At my cool-scale it would go for a 10 and the same goes for my wish-list-scale.

    The interior of the pv does the trick for me to with nice bucket seat, wooden carpets...

    For more of these cool rides check the T3D-blog

       posted by Wim at 10:52 am 0 comments

    147 pt2


    Rear view of the KCW-built 147.
    On this side, the turbo-mufflers sits on the ground.
    For a full feature check out the KCW-site or buy the next issue of Volksworld.

       posted by Wim at 4:03 am
       Saturday, May 27, 2006 0 comments

    147 pt1


    KCW just have ended aonther scrapper in the form of a 147 aka Fridolin.
    As a trademark they have smacked the 147 on the ground by crafting in some airbag...
    Just look at the frontvalance as it touched the tarmac.

       posted by Wim at 3:57 am 0 comments

    Gunthers new look


    Picture courtesy of Seba aka Baksmurf
    Gunthers has changed the look of his Rest Cal bug a little by ditching the original colorcoded wheels with whitewals in favor of some wide 5 Fuchs replicas. These rims really suit the ride.
    Did you allready know that Gunther dived into another project in the form of an offroad 181? Well, stay tuned for more about this project...

       posted by Wim at 1:39 am
       Thursday, May 25, 2006 1 comments

    Little chat


    Picture courtesy of Seba aka Baksmurf
    Another Bugtour picture showing some leading DVF'ers having a chat next to Wimme's (aka Guillermo) Notch.
    To bad I didn't have a bus for that day as my ride functioned as the transporter of a whole bunch of french bread all day long. I bet I'll still find a lot of crumbs when I get to restore this ride to its former glory...

       posted by Wim at 1:30 am 0 comments



    Picture courtesy of Seba aka Baksmurf.
    Nice picture of Messie's (aka the Baron of the French Fries) Looker Bug posing next to Jelle's (aka Low Fast Bus, yes this bus was the origin of his name) single cab pick up.

       posted by Wim at 1:22 am 0 comments



    The man behind this perfect California Look VW might be a rookie, but in my opinion he has read all the right books to get the inspiration to build a ride like that. This Looker could have been build in the 70'ies and ruled the street of Orange County.
    Have to admid that i have a weak spot for those perfectly build Lookers with all the right goodies: 48 IDA's, Anchor header and decal, simple one color paintjob, T-bars and some very cool wheels. Big ups to the builder...

       posted by Wim at 4:44 am
       Tuesday, May 23, 2006 3 comments

    New Kid


    Telling by the name on the driversside, this one is new in the lines of the DFL.

       posted by Wim at 4:40 am 0 comments

    Side view


    Same Line-up as below but this time shot from the side.

       posted by Wim at 4:37 am 0 comments

    Who needs...


    Bikkembergs when you've got...

       posted by Wim at 12:48 pm
       Monday, May 22, 2006 0 comments



    Whille we were at a nice location at the end of the Bugtour, we took the chance to get a new DVF-line-up.
    Let me introduce them to you, from left to right we have Jelle Lowfast bus, Dimi's Svenska Bubbla, Wimme's Notch, Geert's Bug, David's Karmann, Gunter's Bug, Messies Bug, Tim's Svenska Bubbla and Ollie's Double Cab. Dave's Bug was missing but his ride isn't fixed yet after the hard contact with concrete due to a broken baljoint...

       posted by Wim at 12:24 pm 0 comments

    Fully Loaded Glovebox Lid


    Dashplaques seem to be the next big thing in the world of Aircooled VW's so we had some made for our event called Bugtour as well. Some of the dashplaques are offered up 4 sale on ebay. If you want one, just click on the picture for the link to ebay and place your bid...
    A few meets more with these nice goodies and I'll have to add another lid to get all the dashplaques on.
    If you like them and would love to give some away of your own organised event, just get in touch with Ffred and he'll fick it for you. You can contact him thru his special Dashplaqueblog.
    We would like to thank Ffred help us out on the fabrication of the plaques and a special thanks to our grafic-designer Timme aka Dr Jeckill aka Mr Stripe for the nice design.

       posted by Wim at 12:50 pm
       Sunday, May 21, 2006 0 comments



    Not VW related but funny anyway...
    These days we have some kind of exam-fever with the students here in Belgium.
    So what do you do do when the fever gets to high and you just feel the urge to let go a little?
    Well you go to the park on a hot spring day with your girl, sit back, enjoy the upcoming spring and forget about the books for a while.
    And sometimes this isn't quite enough so you just do your thing in the middle of the park and ride like it will be the last ride of your life and don't mind the people staring like they want to take a ride as well.
    As a matter of fact, this picture isn't fake or set up, this nice scene took place in one of the parks in the student city called Leuven.
    I bet this couple didn't take into account that they will be famous in no time...
    For more nice stuff, new Belgium released ieop and to stay updated on the life in the Westoek, just check my cousin Ernies Blog here.
    Say Hi to Ernie.

       posted by Wim at 1:58 am 1 comments

    German Aircult


    Told you that the bou-ys at German Aircult were Lovers of the Third Kind.
    They were on display with these two cool rides at the Maikaefertreffen.
    Love the Stufenheck on Gasbrenners and the Variant on Fuchs. The Variant currently runs on 2L type 4 Power. Must be good for some cruising...

       posted by Wim at 1:53 am 1 comments

    Hot Chocolate


    Some time ago there was a rumour about this tube-chassis Notchback body dragster being up for grabs.
    Well this awesome ride has found a new home in Germany with the boys at German Aircult. As German Lovers of the Third Kind, the guys of German Aircult will take good care of this nice project and they've allready begun to take it apart and give the chassis a new paintjob.
    Hope to see this monster in action in no time.
    Stay tuned on this prject at the Aircult Blog.

       posted by Wim at 1:47 am 0 comments

    DFL Goes Volksworld (again)


    As an avid reader of our beloved Volksworld magazine I stumbled across the feature of this nice Looker. This car is absolutly stunning outside, inside and on underside.
    It came as no surprise that the owner is a member of the german leading Cal Look Club DFL. Looks like the club only hosts very nice rides in the traditional 70'ies Look but like we didn't know that allready.
    This very nice 66 Looker is owned by Christian Gohner and we all love this cool car, don't we? Yes, we do.
    Good work, nice job and thumbs up to Christian.

       posted by Wim at 11:57 am
       Thursday, May 18, 2006 0 comments

    KCW Shop Bus


    We've all seen some awesome projects from the boys at KCW and these days they are building a new one which will act as their own Shop Bus.
    Seen the pictures, this crazy ride will be as low as ever. Looks promissing...

       posted by Wim at 11:47 am 0 comments

    Bugtour goes Ebay


    If anyone missed out the oportunity to join in on the Bugtour but loves to have a Bugtour Dashplaque to dress up the dash of your beloved ride, just click to picture above and place your bid.

       posted by Wim at 11:22 am 0 comments

    Ultimate Split part 2


    Interior of the the ultimate Split.
    Check out the coolest decal ever: Ass, gas or grass, no one rides for free.
    Could be voted as statemant of the year...

       posted by Wim at 10:56 am
       Monday, May 15, 2006 1 comments

    Ultimate Split?


    Could this be the ultimate smacked Split Bus?
    Perfect ride height CSP brakes, IRS rear end, nice color sheme applied with brush and some very cool Gasburner Wheels.
    I shure would like to build me one like that.
    I saw this bus on the Maikafertreffen and it was love at first sight.

       posted by Wim at 10:49 am 0 comments

    How to...


    transport a good used 67 bug door in a Notch with three people on board?
    Well just ask Jelle how he survived and felt after a 5 hours drive from Hannover to Ghent with the door on his lap.
    I can assure you that he was happy when we let him out and he didn't feel some parts of his body anymore because it was so comfy in the back of my Notch.
    Rumours said that he suffered from musscle distress for a few days.

       posted by Wim at 10:32 am 0 comments



    So every one is talking about the new kid on the blogs 'The Grunhertz'.
    First of all I would like to say that they deserve all the respect because the quality of their cars is simple awesome, I was able to check the Lookers out at the Volksworld Show and I was impressed of their line-up. A true Cal Look fiesta. Click picture to visit their blog.
    And secondly the best thing about their new blog is that is made with Blogger which offers more possibilties than the more common used Skynet blogs.
    Just check out these Blogger made VW-blog and you'll know were I'm talking about.
    and not VW related

       posted by Wim at 10:19 am 0 comments

    Bugtour: Picture Event?


    For those of you who wish to see some more pictures of the Bugtour, Studio Pinhole has just set up a new link with heaps of them so check it out by clicking the photo below.
    Picture courtesy of Mr K.
    The rest of the pictures can be seen on:
    and of course

       posted by Wim at 10:57 am
       Thursday, May 11, 2006 0 comments

    Bugtour Damage


    Looks like the Bugtour ain't that good for the health of your VW.

    For example Gunters bug runs so low that he trashed the belly of his ride by hitting some high rocks on the road on some of the best roads available around our beautifull homebase.

    Philips Looker suffered from some damage too by hitting a low flying duck. Apperently the duck couldn't cope with the high speeds developed by this nice ride and got smacked in the ass by the NOS headlamp of Philips ride. Too bad but as the saying goes: only the strong survive. Maybe the duck will fit some bigger wings in his next lifetime so he'll be faster at speed.

    I hope the local green boys doesn't get to know this story otherwise they will do anything to stop us from organising our yearly cruise thru the beautifull countryside we cruise.

    And there still the story of the Slambulance. This ride ate his gearbox while trying to cope with the new found horsepower produced by the brandnew 1766-torcker. So over was the practice and the owner completed the trip in the back of another bus. Too bad but shit happens.

       posted by Wim at 12:23 pm
       Wednesday, May 10, 2006 1 comments

    More Bugtour Shots


    For more pictures of the Bugtour just click on the picture.

       posted by Wim at 11:44 am
       Tuesday, May 09, 2006 0 comments

    Bugtour Specials


    Yesterday, the 3rd edition of the Bugtour took place.
    It was a very nice day filled with good food and of course a whole bunch of aircooled VW. At some points it just looked like a Cal Look Fiesta with some very fine examples on display in nice line-ups.
    Those who stayed at home were wrong again as it was a very nice event which the majority of the leading Belgian VW-clubs joining in. For example we got the DAS, Flatline Lowriders, the Players, KCB and some more all in the house. The infamous Bob from BBT joined in as well.
    Thru this way I would like to thanks those who helped us making this event possible and I also would like the 90 people who made the effort to come to Ghent to compete.
    Hope to see you all back next year...
    Too bad the weather wasn't that great but it was dry when the cars came to a stop.
    For pictures check out the links below:
    And don't forget to visit the Bugtour Blog.

       posted by Wim at 4:24 am
       Monday, May 08, 2006 1 comments

    Callook Fiesta


    Nice line up of the DFL cars at the MCM.

       posted by Wim at 12:07 pm
       Tuesday, May 02, 2006 0 comments

    Porn at MCM


    Porn in an old hearse...
    The gods must be crazy...

       posted by Wim at 9:28 am 0 comments

    My Ride Big Brother?


    Now that is not my ride (I run BRM's, remember?), but this nice low ride is actually Felix of DFL flat black early Square. Interested? Well yes this cool ride is up for grabs at a very reasonable price. Just let me know, I'll get you in touch with Felix.

       posted by Wim at 4:45 am 1 comments

    Type 3 Packed DFL Cruise Night


    The Germans are getting type 3 crazy all over the place, so some very nice excamples showed up on sunday evening. Just check them out.

    The one above was one of my favorites: early pushbottomdash notch, nice stance and original centerlines. Great car...

       posted by Wim at 4:27 am 0 comments

    DFL Cruise Madness


    Like we allready said, some DVF memebers made a cruise to Hannover to join in on the DFL Cruise Madness.
    DFL set up a nice display with their cool cars at Mel's Dinner. A lot of nice rides showed up and the parkinglot and street was packed with cars in no time. Some fine muscle cars showed up as well.
    Atmosphere was very laid back and even those friendly German cops parked their car on the under side of the road and saw that everything was OK and let the meeting for what it was. Imagine that in our monkey state called Belgium...

       posted by Wim at 4:19 am 0 comments


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