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    More Made in Japan


    What is better way is there to promote your bussiness than to built one in-your-eye custom dropped panel van? Well, the best way to promote your bussiness is built a second ride that matches your panel-van.
    So that's exactly what the guys at K-Line in Japan did when they created a Variant Panel Van following the same theme as the Split bus.
    Both rides are trully awesome, fully tricked out and absolutly in-your-eye thanks to the red paint and full-on sign writing.

       posted by Wim at 9:22 am
       Wednesday, February 28, 2007 0 comments

    More nice Late Ones


    The first one is based on a 72 1200 model, with all the chrome trim still present and some add-on likes the Empi bumper guards...The second one is based on a 69 1300 model, this one still has the chrome sidetrim but lost its bumpers somewhere down the road and are swapped with curved 80'ies J-bars...
    Damn, I love these brown shades...

    The third one is based on a late 1200 model and lost its sidetrim (probalbly down the productionline) but kept the fat bumpers...

    Which one is your favorite?

    I would go for the second one but would change the wheels for a set of detailed Pedrini's...

       posted by Wim at 11:27 am
       Tuesday, February 27, 2007 0 comments

    Built in the Land Of The Rising Sun


    This very nice Japanese built Looker is the hot property of Mr Kei Hasegawa. This car was built in the mid 90'ies and is based on a '75 bug.
    Mr Kei felt no need to let the body in stock aperance so some alternations made before the Custard Yellow was applied. To get those wild american racing wheels fitted under the stock wings, the front beam was narrawed a massive 5 inch.
    The car was then equipped with a hot 1776 unit.
    Some years ago, Mr Kei was about to rebuild the car and decided to swap the '75 body with a '51 Split Window body. As this isn't a bolt-on conversion, the body recieved its fair amount of alternation before it was painted the same Custard Yellow again. This time the engine is a healthy 2007 unit buitl by One Low in Japan.
    For more tasty features of this very cool ride, head to your local newsstand and buy the latest issue of Ultra VW.

       posted by Wim at 9:21 am
       Monday, February 26, 2007 0 comments

    Bloggin' in Ghent: Dragvws


    One of the very first blogs. It started in july 2004. Jelle aka lowfastbus has the fastest car in the DVF. Check his blog, as it's one of the best around. It always has very nice and original pictures.

       posted by Messie at 5:13 am
       Saturday, February 24, 2007 1 comments

    Bloggin' in Ghent: Volksfamily


    Volksfamily aka Jantje is another Ghent based blog. If you browse thru this blog, you might notice that Jantje has a weak spot for blondesand Aircooled VW's
    Check it out at http://volksfamily.skynetblogs.be/

       posted by Wim at 8:16 am
       Friday, February 23, 2007 1 comments

    Bloggin' in Ghent: 'T Karroo Dak


    'T Karroo Dak aka Preat is another fine Gehnt based Blog. As you can see he's a member of the DSK-crew and sometimes spanks his 2L type 4 engine on the strip.
    Check out this blog at http://tkarroodak.skynetblogs.be/.

       posted by Wim at 8:06 am 0 comments

    Bloggin' in Ghent: The Otto Bros'


    For sure the most known people from Ghent in the VW community. The famous Otto brothers.
    If you want to see their new projects and other cars from the DSK club go visit their blog: http://ottobros.skynetblogs.be/

       posted by Messie at 10:07 am
       Tuesday, February 20, 2007 1 comments

    Bloggin' in Ghent: Svenska Bubbla


    This is one of the DVF blogs. Tim 'Dr. Jeckill' talks about his trips to Sweden and all the funny news from the scandinavien countries.

       posted by Messie at 11:25 am
       Sunday, February 18, 2007 0 comments

    Bloggin' in Ghent: The Bug friends


    Filip 'Fuchs 66': http://de-bug-friends.skyblogs.be/

       posted by Messie at 11:14 am 0 comments

    Bloggin' in Ghent: The Players


    Here are the players: http://theplayers.skynetblogs.be/ They first posted in march 2004 and so they have the oldest blog in Ghent. On their blog they tell us everything about their VW and nightlife.

       posted by Messie at 10:37 am 0 comments

    Blue n Yellow Licence Plate


    Some people fancy Blue-Yellow License Plates on their Aircooled VW.
    I just happened to find one lying in a car at work.

    Maybe some of you would like to have this 'never expire' version on their Cal Looker...

       posted by Wim at 10:26 am
       Saturday, February 17, 2007 1 comments

    2 of a kind


    Two similar late models and both awesome.The first one is a very well know Swiss ride which has been featured in Volksworld several years ago. This ride has had the full works and looks very cool in all its simplicity. Nice detailed wheels and some minor subtle changes make this ride looking as good as it is.
    The second one is a Belgian ride and looks similars but has some differences compared to the Swiss one: a little higher on the back gives it a slightly cooler stance due to the rake, rearlights with reversing lights, decklid with vents, turbo-muffler out at the back and the small vents behind the rear-side windows which makes this a later model.
    Have you noticed the 'Fernando-style-elbow-out-the-window' posture of the driver? Another tipical Belgian thing...
    Both very nices rides but my preference goes out to the Belgian version mainly because of the cooler stace and more sporty exhaust. Well done to the owner...

       posted by Wim at 10:48 am
       Thursday, February 15, 2007 0 comments

    Beautifull Late Lookers


    Yeehaa, I finally found a '68 1500 car. Check Donder's blog: http://donder59.skynetblogs.be/. He's the guy who found and sold me my future beauty!!!

       posted by Messie at 12:32 pm
       Wednesday, February 14, 2007 0 comments

    Another DVF-project


    Messie has been looking for a solid early late bug (post 67) as a project car with as much comfort as possible so the search for a 68 1500 was up. The bonus of these 1500's is the factory fitment of diskbrakes up front, which is major update compared to drums, and the more powerfull 1500 cc engine. After a long search, we found this gem somewhere down in the Brussels Area. We just had to check it out.

    So yesterday, Messie and I went VW-shopping.

    This is the 1500 68'er that we found. On this picture this 1500 may look scruffy but is very solid underneath with only in need of some small welding work to be done.
    Check the special 1500 sticker still present at the rearwindow.
    Another bonus was the uncut dash as many Bugs have cut up dashes for a more modern stereo-system. The only thing that was cut down is the shifter for that sporty feel...
    So after a good check up, we decided it was a very solid base for a Late Looker projekt and a deal was struck. Congratulations Messie...

       posted by Wim at 11:00 am
       Tuesday, February 13, 2007 3 comments

    School Disco party...


       posted by Messie at 11:32 am
       Sunday, February 11, 2007 1 comments

    And the winner is...


    DaVeF partyhead of the year!!!

       posted by Messie at 11:26 am 0 comments



    Two beautifull English busses enjoying a little roadsprint at Spa-Francorchamps. Just a reminder for Ffred and Kobus' excellent seasons openener at Ninove:
    The Freddy Files: 'The Bus Chapter'

       posted by Messie at 11:16 am
       Friday, February 09, 2007 0 comments

    Stock versus lowered...


    Two DVF-busses. One at the original ride height and original 2L type 4 power (the Westfalia one), the other lowered on dropped spindles and lowered frontbeam powered by a Weber'd 2L type 4 with BAS-exhaust
    Too bad Belgium Testing Centres don't like welded beams that much, so lowered beam is coming of again... Hope they can live with the dropped spindles...

       posted by Wim at 12:20 pm
       Tuesday, February 06, 2007 0 comments

    Ride Hight Patrol


    I think it's about time that some measures will be taken against the ride-height of Messie Little Worker.
    Sadly, it's the only bus in the DVF-rankings that is still rolling on the OG ride-height. So it's time for some action.

    Maybe these pictures will make some changes in Messies head and make him think about a new stance and wheeldeal for his single cab.
    This blue single cab is basicly the same bus, altough Messies T2 is in far better condition. So Messie, go for it, a lowered beam is laying around somewhere waiting to get some action again...

       posted by Wim at 10:42 am
       Monday, February 05, 2007 0 comments

    Warre, newborn DVF'er!!!


    Babyboom continues at DVF. After all the babygirls finally Niels and Eva welcomed their second son Warre!!! DVF wishes the parents and brother Jef all the luck!!!
    In the picture you see Eva and Jef and Jef's pepe Tim. Sorry daddy Niels for Tim sitting at your place.

       posted by Messie at 11:42 am
       Sunday, February 04, 2007 0 comments

    Les Montagnes


    Sometimes I'm thinking how great it would be to live somewhere in the mountains: very nice views, nice curvy roads and mountains to ride on with my board (if the snow is present that is).
    Needs something to convince you of this statement? Well just check out Olive's Blog called Karmann en Montagne. Browse thru his blog and see some very nice pictures of the surroundings and of courseis gorgeous Karmann and other VW-related stuff.
    Did you know that Olive is organising a cruise thru his beloved environment? Well sadly I will have to skip on this event due to a new born that will make its first appearence at the beginning of June...

       posted by Wim at 1:14 am 0 comments

    Another little quiz


    These two beautifull Belgian cars have something in common I really would like to have on my '67. It's a detail that is becomming rare on old VW's in Belgium. What is it???

       posted by Messie at 1:42 pm
       Saturday, February 03, 2007 4 comments


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